Club Membership rates for Sandhurst Chess Club 2016/17

Single Rates paid in full

Club membership fee for one child (or adult) if paid in full is £110 (Cheque or bank transfer). Membership rates are renewed from September.

If you wish your child to play in League matches for the club then it will be an additional £11 (Unless you have already paid this direct to the ECF – English Chess Federation). This is a fee levied by the ECF to cover the cost for graded matches.

Total cost will be £121.

Some junior members will have already renewed their membership with the ECF direct so do not need to pay the extra £11 but they will need to confirm that their ECF fee has been paid and is current!

Single Rates paid by DD/SO

If opting to pay by DD/SO the current monthly membership charge is £10 per month which = £120 annually.

If you wish for your child to play in league matches for the club you will need to add another £1 for the ECF membership making a total of £11 per month by DD/SO (which equates to £132 in total).

Family Rates (two family members)

If you wish to take out a family membership then the second family member is discounted by 50% and costs £55 for an annual membership if paid in full: £110 + £55 = £165 (Cheque or bank transfer)

If opting to pay family rates by DD/SO then it is £60 for the second family member (so £5 per month). So £10 for first child + £5 for second family member = £15 monthly DD/SO payment

Third Family Member

For a third family member it is £10 annually. So £110 + £55 + £10 = £175 if paid in full

For a third family member paying by DD/SO it is an extra £1 per month: £16 DD/SO for a family of 3

ECF (English Chess Federation Fee)

Please remember that if you wish your child to play in League matches for the club then they will have to pay an ECF fee of £11 on top of the above rates (unless already registered and paid up to date).

There is a special introductory offer of one year’s free membership for junior players who have not previously been members of the Federation. Applications for this class of membership must be made by email to the ECF Office [], stating name, address, and date of birth. Club membership and grading reference should also be given if known.

See the link below for all rates for juniors and adults:

ECF membership information

ECF grading information (including reference)